Marjorie A. Wheat

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Marjorie A. Wheat

I want to say “Thank you Dr. Toman”. When I came to your office, I was having severe left hip pain. After looking at the MRI, you gave me two choices, either have a shot in the hip or a hip replacement. I chose the shot, as I did not want to have surgery. The shot did not work, then Jackie set a surgery date for Valentines Day, 2012. During surgery Dr. Toman found a deformity in the hip joint, but with his expertise in reconstruction surgery I am walking again. I left the hospital with a walker and I could only use my left toes for balance for a month. Now, with the help of rehab and Paul, I am walking one half a mile both morning and night with no limp.

Dr. Toman is not only a very skilled orthopedic physician, but one who cares about his patient. I would recommend him to anyone who needs surgery.

Dr Toman will talk to you and your family about your problem. After surgery he will explain to your family any problems that he found.

Thank you again, Dr. Toman and your friendly office staff.