Mary Ann Figueroa

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Mary Ann Figueroa

I had been suffering from arthritis for many years. For a while, it got better then worse, then came the time when it just got progressively worse. My doctor told me “you’ll know when you need to get this taken care of, and when that time comes, I have a great doctor to recommend.”
Well in March I finally gave in (I really am a coward …. never had surgery except for tonsils at 5 years old).
My primary care doctor recommended Dr. Toman, based on the fact that wife had gone to him for hip surgery in October and by March she was skiing! That was good enough for me.

Dr. Toman said my hip was pretty bad and that I needed a total hip replacement. The surgery was easier than I thought it would be.

I am now three months and one day past surgery.
No cane, no walker, NO MORE PAIN. Next month my husband and I are going to Las Vegas.

Thanks, Dr. Toman.