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Rodney and I want to make you fully aware of how grateful we are to have such a special, caring doctor as we have found in you, Dr. Toman! Because of your superb knowledge and expert skill, Rod is back to experiencing his normal routine once again. Life is never static or predictable so learning this early in life leaves us best equipped to face unforeseen challenges. When it became obvious that a full knee replacement was necessary for Rodney, you were there for him with encouragement that the few weeks of discomfort and pain would eventually pay off. It definitely has! A total left knee arthrosplasty was done followed by P.T. and at home exercises. Within a few weeks, he progressed to walking around the neighborhood and eventually riding his bicycle. It is definitely through dedicated and gifted orthopedic surgeons like you that a return to one’s everyday routine can become a reality. Seeing him working again in the yard, trimming shrubbery, mowing the lawn and doing ever so many other things that living in Fl. en-
tails is so rewarding. He loves being active and on the move doing one thing or another each and every day. Thank you for giving him back his “life”.

We extend a big thank you also to your therapist, Lawrence, who prodded Rod to work faithfully on his exercises. Likewise, we both thank you for having a most pleasant office staff and especially your efficient assistant, Coby, who always showed us a cheerful attitude.

You have truly blessed both our lives.

Our Love,
Rodney & Nancy Doucette