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  • Connie Huffman

    Connie Huffman

    I would like to commend Dr Toman on the excellent surgery he did for me. I am very happy with my experience with Dr Tomanand would recommend him highly to anyone needing Orthopedic Care

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  • Jean Ringelstein

    Jean Ringelstein

    Before surgery, I had terrible pain in my hip and leg due to a torn tendon/ligament. Dr. Toman with his scope procedure was able to put things right and I have been pain-free ever since.

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  • Bernadette Farrell

    Bernadette Farrell

    I am 5 weeks post op and already feel like a new person. Prior to surgery I had tremendous pain and at times couldn’t walk, sleep or sit. Dr. Toman performed Hip Scope Surgery on my right hip.

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  • Jess Blanton

    Jess Blanton

    Dr. Toman repaired a torn rotator cuff August 25, 2011. Since he repaired my wife’s rotator cuff the year before, I knew what to expect. Within a few hours, I came home and took the pain medication before experiencing any pain. This kept the real pain away.

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  • Ruth Blanton

    Ruth Blanton

    Dr. Toman repaired a torn rotator cuff for me, Ruth, in May 2010. Surgery was at one o’clock in the afternoon and I was home at five same afternoon. He instructed me to go home and take some pain medication before I experienced any pain.

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  • David F. Laurenti

    David F. Laurenti

    Look no further, you found him; the best orthopedic surgeon in our area. Once you get to know the doctor and his staff you will be put at ease knowing you made the right decision and have a competent team that are the best at what they do.

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  • Ron Chandler

    Ron Chandler

    I want to thank Dr. Toman for his skill and care he gave during my recent total knee replacement.My surgery went better than I ever expected.

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  • Manny Bordonaro

    Manny Bordonaro

    After reading all the testimonials there is only one thing left, he is fantastic!!!!!

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  • Rainer Lapp

    Rainer Lapp

    In march of this year 2011 I had my right shoulder replaced.Prior to that I had constant pain in my shoulder esp. at night, the pain seemed to never stop.First I tried physical therapy, which improved it a little bit, than I tried shots with temperary better results, till finally I decided to have my shoulder replaced.

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  • Henry Jovanelly

    Henry Jovanelly

    I am 68 years old and had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Toman approx. one year ago. My experience with Dr. Toman and his staff has been excellent. The care and consideration given me has been exceptional. Dr. Toman always takes the time to explain everything before and after surgery.

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