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  • Don Schaible

    Don Schaible

    As a retired state trooper, and active sports official, I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder joint that was interrupting my sleep and causing major discomfort. On the recommendation of another doctor I was seeing, I set up a consultation with Dr. Toman.

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  • Kay Fizell

    Kay Fizell

    I had a hip scope procedure in April 2010 by Dr. Toman. After a few weeks of physical therapy with the Martins I was able to return to my normal activities.

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  • Sandra adams

    Sandra adams

    I would like to thank Dr. Toman and his staff for the excellent service I received before and after my rotator cuff surgery.

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  • Fred Dragone

    Fred Dragone

    Dr.Toman did a total knee for me in may.i feel so much better since,you can’t imagine! It’s going to take time for a full recovery,but i am well satisfied with the surgery.

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  • Richard Brennan

    Richard Brennan

    Before my surgery, the catch of this great 35-inch grouper would not have been possible.Reeling in such a fish was difficult, not to mention lifing it for a photo.Now, because of the great repair to my torn rotator cuff done by Dr. Toman

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  • Al Arison

    Al Arison

    It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Dr. Toman and his exceptional support staff to anyone in need of an orthopedic procedure.

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  • Murray & Linda

    Murray & Linda

    Hello, My wife and I have both had surguries performed by Dr Toman, she with hip and knee and I with rotator cuff, each done authoscopically. We are very pleased with the outcomes as we are having quick recoveries.

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  • Janet Preston

    Janet Preston

    Dr Toman gave me back my life in March of 2010. Dr. Toman performed Hip Scope surgery on my right hip, and literally has given me back the ability to do everyday things.

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  • Catherine McDonald

    Catherine McDonald

    Dr. Charles Toman demonstrated his professionalism and dedication in caring for my broken wrist which healed very quickly and nicely. Just a note of thanks for all his attention and I wish him well in his continuing endeavors.

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  • Theresa Abele

    Theresa Abele

    I would like to first start off by saying that Dr. Toman is an awesome Surgeon.I went to see him for the pain I was having in my right elbow. After having an MRI done he diagnosed me with a torn tendon and decided to “Scope” my elbow.

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