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  • Nancy Perkins

    Nancy Perkins

    I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee on October 12, 2011. It was done with a local anesthetic at a local surgery center and I was home in four hours.

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  • John Witz

    John Witz

    After suffering with decreased left shoulder range of motion and increasing pain, I underwent a brief period of physical therapy as prescribed by my family doctor. When this failed to improve my shoulder situation, my doctor highly recommended I contact Dr. Toman.

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  • Brad Norton

    Brad Norton

    Dr Charles Toman did arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder July, 24th 2011. That puts me about 15 weeks post surgery. I have not felt this good in almost 6 years.

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  • Sara Sue Foster

    Dr Toman and his staff are the best. I had a problem with my knee and at seventy was afraid, if I did not stay active, that my life span would be shortened.

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  • Tom Scott

    Tom Scott

    Having friends who’d undergone rotator cuff surgery and talked about after-surgery pain,I was apprehensive when faced with my own. However, immediately after my own rotator cuff surgery, when asked by my home health care nurse what my pain level was, I had to say it was only a 2 on a level of 1 to 10.

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  • Sandra Dressler

    Sandra Dressler

    I am new to Florida and it took me three tries to find a great doctor; that great doctor is Dr Toman. I have severe knee arthritis. My first two Florida orthopedic physicians were satisfied with just treating the symptoms with shots and pills instead of trying to solve the problem.

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  • Susan Goode

    Susan Goode

    At 45 years old I told my boys to watch the Old Lady ski one more time and never again. Never say never! Having lead a very active varied life, I came to Dr. Toman and his team to help alleviate my chronic shoulder pain.

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  • Loretta Armstrong

    Loretta Armstrong

    I am 45 years old and had 2 problems. A left shoulder torn rotor cuff & a right hip torn labrum. I had the shoulder surgery in Oct. 2010 & the hip surgery in March 2011, both by laparoscope.

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    If you are consideringorthoscopic surgery for a torn rotator cuff, I recommend Dr. Charles Toman. I had extensive surgery on Feb 3,2011, following his directions after 3 months I have excellent movement in my right arm.

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  • Mary Kay Hawkshead

    Mary Kay Hawkshead

    I consulted with Dr.Toman in January of 2011 for constant right shoulder pain. Having had 5 major orthopedic surgeries since 2006, I was definitely not wanting to hear that my shoulder joint was destroyed by osteoarthritis as well as a rotator cuff tear, and I was in need of a total shoulder replacement.

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