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    If you are consideringorthoscopic surgery for a torn rotator cuff, I recommend Dr. Charles Toman. I had extensive surgery on Feb 3,2011, following his directions after 3 months I have excellent movement in my right arm.

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  • Patricia Hodgkins

    Patricia Hodgkins

    Six weeks ago Dr. Toman performed arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. For several months prior to that I was in almost constant pain, but I am now pain free, and I am so thankful for Dr. Toman and my physical therapist.

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  • Eleanor Kotula

    Eleanor Kotula

    My thanks to Dr. Toman for a “job well done” I had Rotator Cuff surgery in January followed by excellent Physical Therapy; all of which resulted in a pain free shoulder with great mobility. THANK YOU!

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  • Christopher H. Wolf

    Christopher H. Wolf

    Dr. Toman has treated me for two different conditions over the past 9 months: first for lower back pain and then for a rotary cuff tear. I was impressed from the start that Dr. Toman referred me to physical therapy for my lower back pain rather than jump right into surgery.

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  • Dan Topp

    Dan Topp

    I had been suffering with a bad shoulder for years, trying to play tennis, golf, plus daily activity and trying to suffer through the constant pain. Dr. Toman repaired my rotator cuff, repaired a bicep tendon tear and replaced my shoulder joint.

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  • James Desmond

    James Desmond

    I am a Dr Toman Hip replacement patient. Last January I asked Dr Toman to repair a damaged hip. The repair gave me some improvement but did not reinstate a manageable quality of life. In July Dr Toman replaced the hip in a brief surgical procedure, five hours later the hospital physical therapist had me walking the halls for exercise.

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  • Sarah Hamilton

    Sarah Hamilton

    I was living in almost constant pain in my left upper leg/ hip area. I was recommended to Dr. Toman by my family doctor, and I am so glad that I went to see him for he changed my life for the best.

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  • thomas croak

    thomas croak

    I have complete confidence in Dr. Toman’s ability as a surgeon.His expert staff is the best and he responded to my shoulder pain in rapid time.

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  • gene shepelew

    gene shepelew

    I am 20 weeks post op from a rotator cuff surgery. The surgery and recovery has gone very well. I have been and continue to be extremely happy with the entire process that I have gone through. Dr. Toman has proved highly professional as he guided me through this experience.

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  • Genette Kurtz

    Genette Kurtz

    Dr. Toman and his staff cared for me prior and during my rotator surgery in April 2012. They are wonderful to work with and always treated me with much kindness and care.

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