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  • Marjorie A. Wheat

    Marjorie A. Wheat

    I want to say “Thank you Dr. Toman”. When I came to your office, I was having severe left hip pain. After looking at the MRI, you gave me two choices, either have a shot in the hip or a hip replacement.

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  • Betty McKinney

    Betty McKinney

    At the age of 73, I was referred to Dr. Toman by my family physician because of severe pain in my right knee. I was told that Dr. Toman had an outstanding reputation as an orthopedic surgeon. At my first office visit xrays were taken and Dr. Toman was able to quickly and accurately diagnose the severity of my knee problem which called for computer-assisted full knee repalcement.

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  • Rolf Andersen

    Rolf Andersen

    After suffering for months with shoulder pain and not being able to do all the things that I like to do, I was referred to Dr. Toman for an initial MRI. Dr. Toman determined that I had torn my rotator cuff and other shoulder tendons.

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  • Dolly Reed

    Dolly Reed

    I went to Dr. Toman on Dec,15 with my right knee really hurting. I had 4 cartilge operations on each knee before this. He said the knee has to be replaced and explained eveything to me. He did the surgery on December the 29th 2012. You won’t believe this but I was walking a 1/2 mile in 4 days. and in 2 weeks I hit my goal and dropped out therapy with his permission.

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  • Robert Mitchell

    Robert Mitchell

    I’d like to thank Dr. Toman for the excellent care I received. For one year, I suffered with an badly injured left elbow. A fall, along with rheumatoid arthritis, left my arm practically useless and painful. I had x-rays taken and an MRI performed. Three different Orthopedic Surgeons could not do anything for me. A therapist then suggested I see Dr. Toman.

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  • James Barton

    James Barton

    Like many people, I retired to Florida and shortly thereafter, I found myself in need of an orthopedic surgeon. I was diagnosed with a tear in my shoulder muscle, which required surgery. Fortunately for me, my primary care physician recommended Dr. Toman.

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  • Shirley Lawrence

    Shirley Lawrence

    On Feb. 28th Dr.Toman did a complete total reverse shoulder replacement and three months later after home terapy and in office therapy and am now on my own for personal therapy. I was in pain 24/7 prior to surgery and now am totally out of pain.

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  • James Serico

    James Serico

    I had been experiencing severe pain in my left hip for the past three and a half years after injuring it playing volleyball. I had tried physical therapy and other methods to alleviate the pain with no success. I was reffered to Dr. Toman and he performed a hip arthroscopy on me.

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  • Bill Rose

    Bill Rose

    Had surgery 12 days ago. Surgery was fairly easy, needed pain meds for the first 24 hrs with Tylenol for the next three days. Started PT three days after surgery Lawerence is a motivator and takes time to describe why the execises are needed to get the arm mobile. Coby (Dr Tomans right hand) is able to work magic in the office as support staff and as a medical professional.

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  • Jerrilyn Martin

    Jerrilyn Martin

    Thank you Dr. Toman! Having previously gone to Dr. Toman for knee surgery, which was successful, there was no doubt that I would return to him when I needed rotator cuff surgery. Being two weeks post-op I feel as though my recuperation is positive, and Dr. Toman continues to be very caring and compassionate in my recovery.

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