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  • Katherine Crocker

    Katherine Crocker

    It is refreshing to visit with a doctor that takes the time to address your concerns while providing you with the various options available to you for your situation. I have had two surgeries with Dr. Toman, my knee and my ankle.

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  • Jacqueline Graffam

    Jacqueline Graffam

    I had my left shoulder replaced by another physician here in town. I have been to many physicians because I was unable to use my left arm .I was told to exercise it.I went to see Dr Toman M.D. .The first visit He did a examination me and took x-rays. He then told me I needed further surgery. The shoulder I had was not properly attached.

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    Update on my success (that’s me on the left. On January 27th, 2011, Dr. Toman performed surgery to repair my rotator cuff and bisup. Prior to surgery the pain I had was so bad I could not even pour a cup of coffee. Everything I did was difficult and very painful 24/7.

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  • Mary Ann Figueroa

    Mary Ann Figueroa

    I had been suffering from arthritis for many years. For a while, it got better then worse, then came the time when it just got progressively worse. My doctor told me “you’ll know when you need to get this taken care of, and when that time comes, I have a great doctor to recommend.”Well in March I finally gave in (I really am a coward …. never had surgery except for tonsils at 5 years old).My primary care doctor recommended Dr. Toman,

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  • Carlton Bordeau

    Carlton Bordeau

    I was blessed to have been lead in the direction of securing Dr. Charles Toman as my Orthopedic Surgeon. All of the healthcare people that I came in contact with during the surgery and recovery told me how lucky I was to have Dr. Toman as my surgeon.

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  • marilyn cooper

    marilyn cooper

    I was very pleased at the care I recieved from Dr. Toman and his entire staff. DR. Toman performed reversed shoulder surgery after I fell and shattered my shoulder in June 2012.

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  • william luckay

    william luckay

    February 28 Dr. Toman replaced my left knee.I cut my grass 3 weeks later and on June 23 I caught this 30 inch Northern Pike in ELY,Min. Thanks to Dr Chuck and PT

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  • Mary Hirsch

    Mary Hirsch

    Dr. Toman recently performed a knee arthroscopy to repair a torn meniscus. The procedure was scheduled and performed in a timely, proficient manner. Home health care and physical therapy were set up by his office and started the day after surgery.

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  • Paul Spencer

    Paul Spencer

    I am 8 weeks post total knee replacement and have already returned to work. All thanks to Dr. Toman and the physical therapy staff I had working with me. Dr. Toman was very thorough in helping me understand the full procedure from pre-op to surgery and recovery.

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  • Joseph Dahm

    Joseph Dahm

    My wife and I have just moved to North Port and we waited to have my knee replaced until the move. The problem was we did not know anyone in the area so we decided to start looking on the Internet. I found Dr. Tomans site and began reading the testimonials of his patients.

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